RISE Strategic Expands Into Full-Service Outsourced Information Technology & Helpdesk Services

Firm marks its tenth year in operation with the hire of veteran IT executive Paul Gomez as Chief Technology Officer. Gomez will direct a new department to add fully-outsourced IT, on-demand helpdesk, cyber security, and cloud services to the RISE Strategic suite of services.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. February 1, 2022 — RISE Strategic, a Salt Lake City-based strategic marketing and operations firm, has just announced its expansion into fully outsourced information technology services.  The new division is the most recent addition to the firm’s offerings in order to provide a one-stop outsourced business solution. The RISE model is designed to allow new and established businesses to “rent” a higher level of experience and infrastructure in each department than they could typically afford to bring in-house. 

“Our clients consistently lacked affordable, knowledgeable IT support and infrastructure, and it became clear that our unique ‘rent a department’ approach could be effectively applied in IT,” explains RISE Managing Partner Val Wise Christensen.

“The vast majority of companies require deep strategic expertise and enterprise-level platforms long before they can afford them, so they tend to settle for a single generalist in IT or marketing. But to truly compete, they need a dozen subject matter experts in each area—and a proven CTO like Paul to provide the technological vision. Our clients enjoy a scaleable, fully-equipped team that acts as a seamless extention of their business—for less than one mid-level FTE.”

As marketing and information technology grow increasingly complex and technical, both fields demand a widening range of different skill sets. Strategic, technical, operational, and creative knowledge generally require diverse aptitudes, work profiles, and background experience unlikely to be contained in a single person. As a result, both disciplines are quickly outpacing the knowledge base of the CEOs who lead them. This can expose organizations to sales-focused vendors who can prey upon this gap in technical understanding. 

“I elected to join the RISE team because we share the same transparent approach and act as an extension of the client’s business focused on protecting them—very different from the typical opportunistic vendor or agency,” explains Gomez, who brings over 25 years experience in system administration and IT team leadership, most recently with JPC Consulting in New York.

“I’ve seen businesses waste so much money in IT due to lack of understanding or predatory sales practices, yet RISE prioritizes lean performance and advocates for cost savings for their clients—even when it means less revenue for them. That client-oriented approach should be the norm in our industry, and RISE is setting a higher standard. I’m proud to be a part of it.” 

RISE Strategic serves businesses of all sizes as well as venture capital and angel investing firms requiring startup support for their projects.  With extensive expertise in multi-location national and regional brands and franchising models, the firm offers customized, affordable programs across marketing, IT, operations, and administration to allow business leaders to focus on revenue-driving and product delivery priorities. 

For more information, visit RISEStrategic.com.