Client Feature – Real Property Management Dallas/Ft. Worth

As a rental property owner, you may have been faced with this same question at one point in your property management journey: Are Fort Worth property management companies really worth the fees? Real Property Management can’t speak for all companies, but when this question is asked of our services, our clients would say YES whole-heartedly.

The management fees assessed by Real Property management are designed to actually save property owners money long term. Our goal with fees is to pay for ourselves by providing careful and efficient management services. Our comprehensive spectrum of services is covered by a simple leasing fee to fill a vacancy, and a flat percentage of the monthly rent. That’s it. No hidden fees ever. By utilizing the services of a property manager, a vacancy is typically filled up to two weeks faster than a property that is self managed. This alone can cut costs of management fees throughout the year.

Real property Management can’t speak for other Fort Worth property management companies, but when it comes down to bang for the buck, we say yes! Property management fees are worth it for reliable, professional services.

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